Lilly Clark

PhD Candidate at USC

Networks | Robots | Space

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I'm a PhD Candidate in Electrical Engineering at the University of Southern California in the Autonomous Networks Research Group, where I'm advised by Prof Bhaskar Krishnamachari and Prof Konstantinos Psounis. I'm funded by a NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship, and my research is in localization and connectivity-management in robotic networks, with applications in lunar exploration. I received my M.S in Electrical Engineering from USC in 2020 and my B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from MIT in 2018.
A Queue-Stabilizing Framework for Networked Multi-Robot Exploration. ICRA 2021 (pdf) (more).
TEAM: Trilateration for Exploration and Mapping. Ubiquitous Robots 2021 (pdf).
Inter-Mobile-Device Distance Estimation Using Network Localization Algorithms for Digital Contact Logging Applications. Smart Health 2021 (pdf).
A Blockchain-based Reputation System for Small Satellite Relay Networks. IEEE Aerospace 2020 (pdf).
Privacy-Utility Trades in Wireless Data via Optimization and Learning. ITA Workshop 2019 (pdf).

Visiting Researcher

NASA JPL (2021)

Communications for TEAM CoSTAR competing in the DARPA SubT Challenge.

NASA Goddard (2020)

Risk-aware decision-making for a hopping lunar robot.

Graduate-level Intern

Hedron (formerly Analytical Space) (2021)

Routing and scheduling for a delay-tolerant satellite network.

Aerospace Corporation (2019)

Reputation-aware routing in small sat networks.

Undergraduate Researcher

MIT LIDS (2017-18)

Distributed coordinate functions on software-defined radios.

MIT CSAIL (2015)

User interface for multi-robot missions.

Undergraduate-level Intern

Maxar (formerly Space Systems/Loral) (2018)

Robotic servicing and signal/interference optimization.

NASA JPL (2017)

Telecommunications for the Next Mars Orbiter.

Thales Alenia Space (2016)

GUI for satellite testbed simulation.

I was a Matthew Isakowitz Fellow in 2019 and a Brooke Owens Fellow in 2018. Happy to chat about either!
I organize monthly seminars for the USC PhD Women and gender minorities in Computing Club (WinCC), and I'm a mentor through the Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) program.
In spring 2020, I was a teaching assistant for EE250: Distributed Systems and the Internet of Things.
In my free time, I conduct interviews for Robohub's Podcast.