Lilly Clark

PhD Candidate at USC
I'm a PhD Candidate in Electrical Engineering at the University of Southern California in the Autonomous Networks Research Group, where I'm advised by Prof Bhaskar Krishnamachari and Prof Konstantinos Psounis. As a NASA Space Technology Research Fellow, my research focuses on the design and implementation of algorithms for sensor networks and multi-robot systems, with applications in subterranean exploration. I received my M.S. in Electrical Engineering from USC in 2020 and my B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from MIT in 2018.



SMILE: Robust Network Localization via Sparse and Low-Rank Matrix Decomposition. under review 2022 (pre-print).
ACHORD: Communication-Aware Multi-Robot Coordination with Intermittent Connectivity. IROS 2022 (pdf).
A Survey on the Autonomous Exploration of Confined Subterranean Spaces: Perspectives from Real-word and Industrial Robotic Deployments. Robotics and Autonomous Systems 2022 (link).
PropEM-L: Radio Propagation Environment Modeling and Learning for Communication-Aware Multi-Robot Exploration. RSS 2022 (pdf).
A Queue-Stabilizing Framework for Networked Multi-Robot Exploration. ICRA 2021 (pdf) (correction).
TEAM: Trilateration for Exploration and Mapping. Ubiquitous Robots 2021 (pdf).
Graph Convolutional Network-based Scheduler for Distributing Computation in the Internet of Robotic Things. MILCOM 2022 - IoT Workshop (pdf).
Inter-Mobile-Device Distance Estimation Using Network Localization Algorithms for Digital Contact Logging Applications. Smart Health 2020 (pdf).
A Blockchain-based Reputation System for Small Satellite Relay Networks. IEEE Aerospace 2020 (pdf).
Privacy-Utility Trades in Crowdsourced Signal Map Obfuscation. Computer Networks 2022 (link).

Select Presentations

Selected as Ming Hsieh Institute Scholar - Queue-aware Remote Exploration. University of Southern Califonia, LA, Nov 2022.
First Place - Graph Convolutional Network-based Scheduler for Distributing Computation in the Internet of Robotic Things. CPS-IoT Week Student Design Competition on Networked Computing on the Edge, Virtual, May 2022.
Best Poster Award - Using Network Localization Algorithms for Digital Contact Logging Applications. N2Women Workshop at SIGCOMM 2020, Virtual, August 2020.


NASA JPL - Visiting Researcher @ Robotic Aerial Mobility

Communications for TEAM CoSTAR competing in the DARPA SubT Challenge.

Hedron (formerly Analytical Space) - PhD Intern @ Network Engineering

Routing and scheduling for a delay-tolerant satellite network.


NASA Goddard - Visiting Researcher @ Attitude Control Systems

Risk-aware decision-making for a hopping lunar robot.


Aerospace Corporation - Matthew Isakowitz Fellow @ Communication Architectures & Design

Reputation-aware routing in small sat networks using distributed ledgers.


Maxar (formerly Space Systems/Loral) - Brooke Owens Fellow @ Mission Systems Engineering

Robotic servicing and signal/interference optimization.

MIT LIDS - Undergraduate Researcher @ Communications and Networks Research Group

Distributed coordinate functions on software-defined radios.


NASA JPL - Intern @ Systems Engineering

Telecommunications for the Next Mars Orbiter.


Thales Alenia Space - Intern @ Testbed Engineering

GUI for satellite testbed simulation.


MIT CSAIL - Undergraduate Researcher @ Model-based Embedded Robotic Systems

User interface for multi-robot missions.

I'm currently involved in a student startup competition to innovate transportation in LA.
I was recently selected as a Ming Hsieh Institute scholar.
I was a Matthew Isakowitz Fellow in 2019 and a Brooke Owens Fellow in 2018. Happy to chat about either!
I organize monthly seminars for the USC PhD Women and gender minorities in Computing Club (WinCC), and I'm a mentor through the Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) program.
In spring 2020, I was a teaching assistant for EE250: Distributed Systems and the Internet of Things.
In my free time, I conduct interviews for Robohub's Podcast.